Simon József Master Luthier was born in may 26th 1945 in Transilvania,in a village wich is situated in the Harghita Moutains in the Carpathians.

His father (Sándor) was a sculptor and a woodman, therefore as a child he knew the forest, loving and learning all the secrets of the wood. In the family home there was an exqusite sculpture workshop; there he learned the woodwork craft from his father, making with much patience violins, zither and cembalo.

Therefore József became fond of making his first violin at Csatószeg. At the age of 15 by himself took the decision of leaving to Reghin so as to learn more thoroughly the way in which the musical instruments are made. Reghin was the center of luthiers in Romania. 


Being very crafty and thanks to the years spent with his father in the workshop he quickly learned the luthiers secrets, learning from the luthier Roman Boianciuc.

For many years he has been working as a projector of musical instruments for a well-known company. In the present he is also a member of Romanian luthiers association. Having two sons,the master luthier Simon József initiated them also in the making of musical instruments. 

Together with his two sons József and Nándor as family of luthiers they founded the Jonacoviolins workshop for making musical instruments.

The eldery son was born in Reghin on the 03.08.1968 and the small one Nándor was born in Reghin on the 12th of July 1974. Both of the sons inherited the skill of making violins from their father and their grandfather. Our company Jonacoviolins produces and sells musical instruments with bows of superior quality for students and first class violinist.

Our products are diversified from violine to violas and cello. Our workshop is situated in the earth of Transilvania in Reghin, surrounded by Ghiurghiu mountains where the resonant and flamed maple isof the best quality.

The Italian master luthiers also bought wood from this region for the manufactoring the famous italian violins. In our workshop work only the members of the Simon family, under the supervision of Simon József master luthier. 


Our violins are produced only by hand and have superior quality.The model of our violins is Antonio Stradivari violin “Messia”from 1716. The wood from which the instruments are made is carefully chosen and dried naturaly from 8 of 20 years.

These are spruce fir with a very uniform fibre and a flamed maple of rare beauty. All stage of execution are hand made though warnish of goldgelb and gold-braun colour.

The fine procedures are executed with great fineness, the polishing clean, transparent and shiny.

Our company has participated to many exposition in Romania (expo George Enescu, Bucharest) and abroad.

Reghin is a simbolic town to music, this fact being demonstrated by famous luthier from this town and also by the fact that Rudolf Wagner Regeny compositor was born here.

Many violonist from Germany and the U.S.A. played our instruments. The sound of the instruments are beatiful, clear and of a rare mobility.