Process of making


Step 1: Choosing the “right” material


 Step 2: 7-8 years of natural drying 

 Step 3: The pattern is cut out on
the bandsaw  

Step 4: The back & top is scraped manually  

Step 5:  Cutting the ” f ” 

Step 6:  Fixing the inside bar  


Step 7:  Manufacturing the sides 

Step 8:  Purfling application

Step 9: Making double-bass sides  

 Step 10:Preparing Double-bass for purfling 


 Step 11:  Fixing the cello’s neck  

Step 12:  Manual color application

Step 13: Manual brush-warnishing 

 Step 14: Manual brush-warnishing with oil primer  


  Step 15: Drieing after warnishing 

Step 16:  Mounting the violin

Step 17: The final product